抒情散文2024-04-27 09:26:354
1、如果我变成回忆,退出了这场生命。 If I become a memory, I quit this life. 2、我不想一个人失眠,因为我真的很怕。 I don't want to sleep alone, because I'm really scared. 3、人总是老得太快,而又聪明得太慢。 People are always too old and smart too slow. 4、铁了心要上进的人,就铁了心不顾家了。 Iron heart to go forward, iron heart no longer care about home. 5、你如何回忆我的,带着笑或者沉默。 How do you remember me, with a smile or silence. 6、我会一直爱你,直到你不爱我的那一天为止。 I will love you until the day you don't love me. 7、没有意义的付出,再也不想了。 No meaningful pay, no longer think. 8、我没成为那株玫瑰,倒被你驯服成了狐狸。 I didn't become that rose, but you tamed me to be a fox. 9、别等我变了后,才说怀念以前的我。 Don't wait until I change before I miss the past. 10、你性格这么好,一定受过很多委屈吧。 You must have suffered a lot of grievances because of your good character. 11、疼都是别人给的,但伤都是自己好的。 Pain is given by others, but the injury is good for yourself. 12、也许有些路,注定要一个人走完。 Maybe there are some roads, destined to go alone. 13、打算理发了,甩刘海甩的我脖子都崴了。 I plan to have a haircut. I have a neck that Liu hailui has broken. 14、对同一个人,也可以心动千千万万次。 For the same person, can also heart tens of thousands of times. 15、我何德何能,能得你全心全意。 How can I get you all my heart and soul. 16、这个世界本来就是痛苦的,没有例外的。 The world was originally painful, without exception. 17、我爱你,你爱他,还有什么比这更像笑话。 I love you, you love him, and there's something more like a joke than that. 18、感情不必拿来慷慨,深情何必拿来显摆。 Feelings don't have to be generous, and deep feelings need to be displayed. 19、你是我良辰美景,此生不负。 You are my beautiful scenery, this life is not negative. 20、给岁月以文明,给时光以生命。 Give time civilization, give time life. 21、愿你不似我,孤独有人说。 May you not be like me, someone alone said. 22、期望越高,失望越大。 The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment. 23、有些痛,说不出来只能忍着,直到慢慢淡忘。 Some pain, can not say can only bear, until slowly forget. 24、最怕你一生碌碌无为,还安慰自己平凡可贵。 Most afraid you live a mediocre life, but also comfort yourself ordinary valuable. 25、总有一天你会发现,时间什么都能改变。 One day you will find that time can change everything. 26、无论风景有多美,我们只能做短暂的欣赏。 No matter how beautiful the scenery is, we can only enjoy it for a short time. 27、旁观者轻,是轻松的轻。 The onlookers are light, they are light. 28、记忆里你一直在笑,笑我的愚昧无知。 You have been laughing in memory, laughing at my ignorance. 29、先动心的是你,越来越深的是我。 You are the first to start, and I am getting deeper and deeper. 30、我用一个人的执着,对待两个人的寂寞。 I use one person's persistence, treat two people's loneliness. 31、爱一个人有多辛苦,被爱的人永远不会懂。 How hard it is to love a person, the one who is loved will never understand. 32、电话那头,又是沉默,该放手,却难割舍。 The other end of the phone is silent, but it is difficult to give up. 33、没人喜欢孤单,只不过是受够了失望。 No one likes to be alone, but I'm just fed up with disappointment. 34、心,既然不能如初,那就让它碎的彻底。 Heart, since it can not be as early as before, let it break thoroughly. 35、眼泪的存在,是为了证明悲伤不是一场幻觉。 Tears exist to prove that sadness is not an illusion. 36、从那以后,我再也没有真的开心过。 Since then, I have never really enjoyed myself. 37、不愿喝的酒先干为敬,不愿见的人笑脸相迎。 The wine that does not want to drink is to be respected first, and the people who do not want to meet meet meet with each other with a smile. 38、我还是放不下你,更别说忘了你。 I can't let you go, let alone forget you. 39、等一个没有结果的人,遵循自愿原则。 Wait for someone who has no results, follow the principle of voluntary. 40、你走了以后,不知道怎样弥补我的不够好。 After you left, you don't know how to make up for my lack of good. 41、乖有什么用啊,我还不是很难过。 What's the use of being good? I'm not very sad. 42、心情不好时,酒真的可以暖心。 When you are in a bad mood, wine can really warm your heart. 43、云朵老了,风瘦了,溪水边的石头摔倒了。 The clouds are old, the wind is thin, and the stones near the stream fall. 44、你像风来了又走,我的心满了又空。 You come and go like the wind, my heart is full and empty. 45、你孤独一人流浪街头,像极了电影里的小丑。 You are alone on the street, like a clown in a movie. 46、你比永久更加永久,也比漫长还要漫长。 You are more permanent than forever, and you are longer than long. 47、我们笑着说再见,却深知再见遥遥无期。 We laughed and said goodbye, but we knew it was far from the end. 48、一个人的日子真的好难熬,好辛苦。 It's really hard and hard to live a person. 49、一直深信你心里有我,是我做过最蠢的事。 I always believe that you have me in your heart, which is the stupidest thing I have ever done. 50、一个人,时间久了,就懒得去两个人了。 One person, for a long time, is lazy to go to two people.